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Want to fireproof your home?

Follow the steps below!

Plan Family Escape Route

> Everyone must know the escape route.

> Doors, windows and grilles must open easily from inside.

> Know where keys are kept. Maintain key storage location. Minimise Risks De-clutter home

> Discard highly combustible things such as paper, magazines and old clothes.



> If a fire breaks out, DON'T pour water as the fire will grow. Use a fire blanket or wok cover.

> Switch off the gas when not in use. 

> Keep heat-emitting electrical appliances at least 1m away from flammable materials.

> Make sure electrical appliances are Sirim-approved.


Fire Extinguisher

> Hang on the wall at shoulder level keep at least one in the kitchen and one in the corridor.

> Look for ABC dry powder or multipurpose extinguisher which can be used on carbon-based materials, oil and electrical equipment.


Tech Gadgets

> Don't leave mobile phones, power banks, laptops and other gadgets charging overnight.

> If they need charging, don't place them on combustible surfaces such as wood or your bed. Put on the cement floor, tiles and marble.