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Some of the events that we have taken part in

Past Events

APR 2023


GSC Movies

GSC #Flashover Movie

GSC Movies

Fire Fighter Industry has partnered with GSC Movies to launch the action-packed film 'Flashover' in Malaysia. The collaboration also includes an exclusive giveaway campaign featuring a special edition fire extinguisher featuring a design inspired by the movie's search and rescue scenes. Fans of 'Flashover' have the chance to win prizes through a social media contest! Additionally, GoXuan, Astro Radio's brand, has joined in on the fun with their DJs participating in a Flashover-inspired challenge. The event promises to be a thrilling experience for movie enthusiasts and supporters of firefighters, showcasing their bravery and commitment to saving lives.

SEPT 2022

9 - 11

Didi & Friends Rescue Squad Episode

Didi & Friends Malaysia

We recognise the importance of educating children about fire safety from a young age age. Therefore, we were excited to be a part of their Rescue Squad episode on fire safety. As part of this collaboration, we sponsored custom-designed Didi & Friends fire extinguishers featuring their cartoon caracters. Being a popular cartoon among young children, and with their latest episode's focus on fire safety, it was an amazing opportunity to demonstrate the dos and don'ts in a fire emergency in a fun and engaging way.

JUL 2022

2 - 3

NoEqual Art of Speed Event Booth

NoEqual Art of Speed 2022

N.E.A.T Fest @ Hall C |  MAEPS, Serdang 
9am - 6pm

We have partnered with NoEqual, a popular brand in the automotive enthusiast community, to release a limited edition collaboration pack for the NoEqual Art of Speed 2022 event. The 200-unit pack includes a custom-designed fire extinguisher and a NoEqual T-shirt, providing safety equipment with style. Our booth was set up to educate and promote the importance of fire safety to attendees.

> View the collab pack here

We do things differently

At Fire Fighter Industry, we pride ourselves on being different from traditional fire safety companies. We understand the importance of adapting to different communities and interests, that's why we frequently collaborate with unique and interesting brands. Our partnership with NoEqual, a leading brand in the car enthusiast community, for the NoEqual Art of Speed 2022 event is a great example of this. We have also created a limited edition collaboration pack that not only promotes fire safety but also appeals to car enthusiasts.

Our collaboration with Didi & Friends Edisi Hari Malaysia, in which we sponsored a customised Didi & Friends fire extinguisher and set up a booth to educate children on fire safety, is another example of how we cater to different target audiences and make fire safety fun and engaging.

At Fire Fighter Industry, we strive to be a dynamic and innovative fire safety company.

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