Joash Ethan - July 16 2020

Is Your Business Fire Legal? 

With health and safety being the top priority of employers nowadays with the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic looming over our shoulders, there’s one threat that is often brushed aside - fire.

The threat of fire is ever-present and can happen at any time. With businesses starting to open up, we thought that we should prepare a quick checklist for you to ensure that you’re prepared in the event of a fire. It could be the difference between life and death.

Fire Extinguisher

Every office or business premise should have a working fire extinguisher. The next question you’re probably asking is - how many? You can refer to our info graphic below.

If you’re unsure of the fire safety requirements, you can have a chat with us here.

Servicing the fire extinguisher. What happens when we service a fire extinguisher? Check out the video below. 

Fire Fighter Industry Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire extinguishers are durable, but they don’t last forever. A properly maintained fire extinguisher can last up to 10 years. After 10 years, it’s compulsory to replace the unit with a new one. If you’re in need of a new fire extinguisher, you can visit our Online Store.

For business owners, it’s compulsory to have your fire extinguishers inspected annually. To ensure that your fire extinguisher is getting all the love and care it needs, you can book a servicing appointment here.

"Keluar" Signage & Emergency Lights

We’ve seen it all around and this is pretty self explanatory. The view of the “Keluar” signage must not be blocked and should include backup lighting (usually battery powered light)  just in case of a power outage. In the case of a fire, with smoke filled in the air and without properly lit exits, chaos ensues and may lead to tragic loss.   

Emergency lights should be placed along corridors, stairs, ramps, aisles, and emergency evacuation routes. Having functioning exit signs and emergency lights increases the chance of survival!

Fire Certificate

It is provided by Bomba Malaysia after they have performed an inspection and find that the inspected premise has fulfilled all of their fire safety requirements.

Section 28 of the Fire Service Act 1988 tells us that every premise (except single private dwellings or public religious worship areas) requires a fire certificate to be renewed every year. Failure to do so may result in issuance of a fine or a tedious legal process. In the worst case scenario, all activities on the premise will be halted immediately and all occupants vacated from the premise.

The renewal of the fire certificate is vital for the safety of the premises occupants.  

During the inspection conducted by the Bomba, based on the premise and nature of business, fire extinguishers, fire safety systems, “Keluar” signs, fire escape routes, among other things are inspected vigorously to ensure that in case of a fire, occupants have a higher chance of survival.

If you need assistance in obtaining or renewing your Fire Certification, you can book an appointment with our Fire Specialist Consultant here