Fire Extinguisher Rental

From as low as RM10/day

We offer renting of Fire Extinguisher for your business
(either 9kg ABC Fire Extinguisher or 2kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher

Suitable for companies that run 1-day events or short term rental duration.

Pricing as low as RM10 per unit /day
(Not including delivery charges)

Rental Service Rates We Offer


RM30 per unit /day

4 - 10 DAYS

RM10 per unit /day


RM100 per unit

Read our T&C on rental fire extinguishers

IMPORTANT: By proceeding with scheduling our services, it is understood that you have accepted and agreed to our terms and conditions.

How it works in 4 simple steps

Identify quantity & type of fire extinguisher

1. Identify the quantity & type of fire extinguisher needed.

Understand the type of fire extinguisher for your event occasion and how many units are needed for how many days.

Schedule delivery / pick up date

2. Schedule delivery / pick up date.

Schedule the date to pick-up from us or arrange for our delivery service to have the fire extinguisher sent to you. 

Receive your fire extinguisher

3. Receive your extinguisher during the date scheduled.

Pick up your arranged fire extinguisher at our HQ or wait for our delivery team to deliver the fire extinguisher to you.

Return of fire extinguishers

4. Return of the fire extinguishers.

Return the fire extinguisher rental units with the same method as how you have arranged to pick up previously.

Terms & Conditions on the rental of fire extinguisher:

1. Only refurbished units will be provided for rental. However, we’ll use fire extinguishers that are over 10 years that are in good condition.

2. Rental units cannot have Bomba License. To get a fire extinguishers with Bomba License, please head to our product page here to purchase.

3. Rental fire extinguisher units that were found to have significant damages or lost at return, you will be charged for a new fire extinguisher at either RM140 (for 9kg ABC Fire Extinguisher) or RM150 (for 2kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher) per unit.

4. A RM45 will be charged on each fire extinguisher that is found to be used/discharged at return for the fee of refilling.