What Happens When You Don't Service Your Fire Extinguisher Annually

by Joash Fiqa

What happens when you don’t service your fire extinguisher annually?

Annual fire extinguisher inspection

Fire extinguishers are durable, but they don’t last forever. A properly maintained fire extinguisher has the potential to last up to 10 years or more. The best way to determine when it is time to check your fire extinguisher is to get it inspected by a certified fire protection company. For commercial use, it is compulsory for business owners to get their fire extinguisher inspected annually in compliance with BOMBA regulations. Homeowners should also follow a similar schedule to ensure their extinguishers are working all the time, every time.

The most common cause for a fire extinguisher to not work effectively is the drop of pressure. Pressure gauge inspection is vital to ensure the fire extinguisher is properly pressured to be able to propel the extinguishing agent towards the source of the fire. This incident usually involves the hardening of the O-ring that holds nitrogen gas inside, and eventually give way for the nitrogen gas to seep out, making the fire extinguishers unusable.  

Without immediate refilling and service, partial use can clog hoses or damage critical components.


Hose inspection includes the replacement of the O-ring.

Problems with extinguishers may continue to worsen if responsible parties don’t conduct inspections and maintenance at a scheduled time. You wouldn’t want your fire extinguishers to not work when you needed it the most. The most detailed and thorough inspection of your fire extinguisher will take place during its annual servicing.

Another cause of a fire extinguisher to not work is corrosion. Just like any other steel built cylinder, it will begin to corrode after it has been exposed to the environment over a period of time. This could jeopardize the build and also the extinguishing agent inside the cylinder, thus causing the extinguisher to lose its effectiveness. Once a fire extinguisher has been used, whether partially or fully, it is recommended to refill the extinguishing agents. That way, you can still use it.

A fire extinguisher can withstand extreme environments such as in the car, at the industrial, humid weather and etc. Our extinguishers are designed to withstand over 60C of heat - way above the Malaysian heat. The most common places for a fire extinguisher is in the kitchen, where heat and debris are at their natural setting, making it the easiest place for the deterioration phase to take place. The seams of the cylinder can even weaken because of the pressure that the contents are held under inside the fire extinguisher. Keeping your fire fighting equipment fully functioning and thoroughly inspected is not only the law that you should abide, but it is also essential to prevent emergencies that could occur to your home and your business. If you find any of your fire extinguishers need servicing, you could book a session with our certified fire specialist and we will guarantee you a high-quality fire extinguisher inspection and servicing. 

If you need to service your fire extinguishers, you can schedule it here.


  • Alex ShamApr 06, 2022


    How much does it cost to service or refill a 1KG and 3KG fire extinguisher?
    Where is the servicing can be done?

    Alex Sham

  • Fire Fighter Admin Aug 17, 2020

    Hi Commenters! If you have any questions, please Whatsapp our customer experience officer, Maya, 012-636 2994🧯. Or just click the Whatsapp button on the bottom right corner of the site! 😁

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