Why do you need to service your fire extinguisher?

Maintenance and servicing of fire extinguishers 

The maintenance of fire extinguishers is critical. It is critical not only as a legal requirement but such extinguishers play a crucial part in putting fires out before they get out of hand so it’s vital that they work when needed the most. According to the Section 29 (5) of the Fire Services Act 1988 (Act 341), it is compulsory for business owners to properly equip their shop-lots/buildings with fire safety equipment and serviced annually. If you have been hesitant about the idea of providing maintenance of fire extinguishers on your premises, here are some reasons why they need to be serviced regularly:

  • To check any signs of damages on the cylinder. Corrosion to the steel extinguishers can occur on the inside, weakening the integrity of the cylinder over time. 
  • Potential of hose blockage. Another difficult problem is that the hose might have been clogged, impairing its functionality. The O-rings on the hose can also deteriorate and compromise the extinguishers.
  • Inspection of the pressure gauge. For each working fire extinguishers, there is a pressure meter that indicates its functionality and it has to be centered in the green zone. The meter will drop after a while whether it’s used or unused.
  • Some may need a refill. The extinguishing agents in a fire extinguisher will need a refill after each use, to maintain an optimum spread whenever there’s a fire. 
  • Servicing of fire extinguishers annually is needed for businesses to renew their BOMBA licenses for extinguishers. It is a compulsory regulation to be fulfilled for commercial use. Failing in doing so might cause your business license to be revoked by the officials.
  • Fire extinguishers are complicated and only by thorough inspection by certified professionals you could have realized if there’s any damage or one that needs servicing. Book an appointment with a fire specialist if you got any signs implicating your fire extinguishers.

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  • Simranjeet May 04, 2022

    I have an fire extinguisher equipment for my restaurant and i need it to be checked and tested and want to know the requirements for business purposes

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  • Jason TanAug 17, 2020

    This is really cool information!

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