Fire Blanket:
How the Right Usage Can Save Lives

Not your ordinary blanket

The first thing you’ll probably want to know is what is a fire blanket. A fire blanket consists of a piece of fire-resistant fabric (usually woven glass fiber). It cuts off the supply of oxygen smothering completely or reducing the size of the fire. Due to its simplicity, a fire blanket may be more helpful for someone who is inexperienced with fire extinguishers. 

Today, we are going to look into how you can save the day by using this extraordinary blanket with these proper methods.

Kitchen Fire

Nearly two thirds of all household fires start in the kitchen. These are the steps of what you should do if there’s a small pan/stove fire:

Step 1:Pull down sharply on the tabs hanging from the bottom of the package to release the fire blanket

Step 2: Hold it in front of you, with the fabric rolled back at the edges to protect your hands

Step 3: Place (not throw) fire blankets over stove fires, keeping hands and face protected behind it

Step 4: Turn off the heat source and leave the blanket over the burnt area for at least 15 minutes or until the heat has dissipated 

Clothing on fire

With fast response to a clothing fire, you could save a member of your family:

Step 1: Pull down sharply on the tabs hanging from the bottom of the package to release the fire blanket

Step 2: Wrap the blanket around the flames and person. Instruct the person to STOP, DROP & ROLL until the fire is out.

Step 3: Seek medical assistance

To escape fire

Escape fires by wrapping yourself or a small child with the fire blanket. 


  • Wait until a fire blanket is room temperature to the touch before disposing of it
  • Just to be safe, it might not be a bad idea to douse the fire blanket in water before disposal
  • Replace a fire blanket as soon as possible


  • Fire Blanket is not to be used on live electrical equipment especially where high voltage is involved
  • Never reuse a fire blanket if it’s already been used. They should be disposed of and replaced.

Where to store it

Fire blanket should be in the kitchen mounted on a wall and should be easily accessible, but not too close to the stove, as a flare-up may prevent you from accessing it. Instead, place the fire blanket near the doorway to the kitchen. This will mean you can still leave if the fire escalates. 

FIREPROOF your kitchen

In a nutshell, not only a fire blanket reduces potential harm but it also reduces property damage. At Fire Fighter Industry, we have the perfect fire blanket size with the functionality and effectiveness to extinguish a small fire before it spirals out of control. Get in touch with our fire safety team for more information!