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3 Easy Steps to Install the 1kg Fire Fighter ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

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The best place to install it is under the passenger seat

A fire extinguisher in your vehicle should be accessible by the driver in case of emergencies. The best place would be right under the passenger seat. 
And, don't worry! Our extinguishers are SIRIM & Puspakom approved, meaning it can withstand the Malaysian heat in vehicles! 

Step 1 
Remove the bracket from the extinguisher 

The bracket comes with all our 1kg Fire Fighter ABC Dry 1kg purchases and can be mounted in your vehicle. We also provide 2 screws with every purchase.

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Step 2
Place & Screw the bracket into the floor of your vehicle

Leave a headroom of 7cm for top part of the extinguisher (the nozzle & pressure gauge of the extinguisher). 
Screw the extinguisher to the floor of your vehicle with a screwdriver (Apply medium pressure to the screw to ensure it is secure). Most cars have felt fabric on the floor of their vehicle of which it can be screwed on to. 

Step 3 
Place the extinguisher back into the bracket

Make sure that the top portion of the extinguisher is placed securely into the bracket. This will ensure the extinguisher will be in place when the vehicle is in motion 

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The extinguisher is now installed in your vehicle. Do ensure that the pressure is checked periodically (Once a year) to ensure that the extinguisher is still in working order. If the extinguisher has a drop in pressure, you can get it serviced with us here! 

Disclaimer, while the above guide are easy steps to install the extinguisher on your own, we highly recommend that the installation to be done by a professional. A professional car accessory shop should be able install this. There are varying degrees of security of the above method of installing the extinguisher to the vehicles as different manufacturers have varying car floor materials. Alternatively, if you would like to show interest on the development of a more secure car bracket mount, please sign up here!