Fire Suppression Systems

What is Fire Suppression System?

Unlike typical protection systems, fire suppression systems uses special substance in its system to provide cooling to control, extinguish and prevent fires from spreading. A fire suppression system uses chemical, gasses, foam or mist to suppress the fire.

Types of Fire Suppression System available today

Today’s fire suppression systems offers incredibly various levels of protection not found with traditional water sprinkler systems. These special hazard fire protection options can be categorized into these 4:

Chemical Cleaning Agent

Chemical clean agents protect irreplaceable assets, such as computers, servers, electronics, artwork, archives, and more, as they produce none of the damage often associated with traditional water sprinkler systems.

Inert Gases 

Inter gases include nitrogen, argon, and CO2, or a combination of two or more, and reduce oxygen levels to a point where combustion cannot be sustained. These gaseous agents are safe for both people and the environment.

CO2 System

CO2 sprinkler system provides a heavy blanket of gas that reduces the oxygen level to a point where combustion cannot occur. Because it’s unsafe for people, CO2 is only recommended for localized applications or areas generally inaccessible by employees or customers.

Water Mist System

Water mist systems improve upon the traditional water sprinkler system by producing ultra-fine water droplets and using 50 to 90 percent less water than a fire sprinkler, resulting in little to no collateral damage. Water mist systems may be connected to a building’s water supply for continuous fire-fighting capability, or in remote locations, may be connected to a tank or reservoir.

Common questions to identify when choosing a fire suppression system for your business

• What is the nature of your business?

• What complience or requirement do you need the system for?

• What is your budget?

Our ISO certified project teams of consultants, engineers, specialists and technicians to properly equip buildings and structures with fire protection systems, ensuring that your building is up and ready for business with all the required Bomba approvals.

We are available for a scheduled service & maintenance of your fire protection system to ensure that your systems are up and running.
Over the years, our team has fireproofed thousands of buildings across Malaysia. 

We provide fire suppression system services in: 

  • Co2 Extinguisher Suppression System
  • Nohmi NN100
  • FE13
  • FM200 - Simens Sinorix 227
  • Argonite - Dentach
  • Novec 1230
  • Foam System
  • Water Mist Fire Suppression System

We also fire protection system installation & services in: 

  • Hose Reel System
  • Hydrant System
  • Downcomer
  • Wet Riser & Dry Riser
  • Sprinkler System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Door - Electromagnetic Door Closer
  • Vesda System
  • Fire Panel Troubleshooting
  • Fire Pumps
  • Fire Curtain
  • Fireman Intercom System
  • SPKA Panel Installation
  • Ansul Wet Chemical - Kitchen Hood Installation
  • Smoke detection
  • Heat detection
  • Manual Detection/Manual Call Point