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Protect and claim them all under HPE.
Premium starting from 49 cents/day, RM180/year.
(Claimable up to 500k or more!)

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What is HPE?

Insurance made to be different and designed for you.

Home Protector Enhanced (HPE) - HPE is a home insurance plan that is designed to secure your valuable contents and household belongings from damages caused by fire, lightning, flood, burst pipes, and other natural disasters according to your need.

Benefits also include additional 24-hour worldwide cover option for yourself, your personal belongings and your family against third party’s (other person) claim for accidental bodily injury or property damage through negligence caused by you, your immediate family members or your domestic helper.

Claimable up to RM 500,000 or more! Depending on the various packages you choose from.

What is SHOE?

What you can claim for:

Unexpected accidents or disaster to your home can be financially and emotionally distressful for you and your family.

But with Home Protector Enhanced (HPE) Insurance, you can now protect your home and valuable belongings with one easy plan designed according to your needs even when you are outside your home premises or any part of the world.


Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, gaming consoles and home appliances like washing machine, fridge and many others are included in this category.

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Costly jewellery, branded bags, watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, gold and other ornaments can also be insured under jewellery as per item loss.

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Insure your musical instruments, collectable items such as clothes, antiques, lego sets, figurines, artworks and other collectable items up to RM10,000 per item.

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Other coverages you can cover:

Natural disaster of flood

Loss and damages against natural disasters

Forcible entry

Forcible entry




Loss of money from theft




Covered from riot

Malicious damages

Malicious damages

Accidental damages

Accidental damages

Emergency Cash Allowance

Emergency Cash Allowance

Legal documents

Cost of replacing legal documents

Fraudulant use of credit/ATM Card

Fraudulent Use of Credit/ATM Card

Deterioration of food in the freezer

Deterioration of food in the freezer

Repair cost

Cost of repairing water pipe burst

Fire Extinguisher Expenses

Fire Extinguishment Expenses

Tenant's liability

Tenant's liability

Consultation fee

Consultation fees

Property damages through negligence

Property damages through negligence

Bodily injury

Bodily injury

This list is just a reference of complimentary benefits included in HPE Home Contents All Risk. The final approval of claims is subjected to terms and conditions of Home Protector Enhanced (HPE) packages and policy.

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Types of Plans

Every home is different based on your home size and needs of each person.
Refer below on our available plans and what you're covered for:

Types of Plans
Home Contents All Risks
(Cover personal and
household belongings)
Plan 1
Plan 2
Plan 3
Plan 4
Plan 5
Flexi Plan
Max. sum insured50,000100,000150,000200,000250,00030,000 and above
Claim Limit per item5,00010,00015,00020,00025,00010% of Sum Insured
Yearly Plan
(Jewellery Premium 1/3 Sum insured)
Yearly Plan
(Jewellery Premium 1/2 Sum insured)
+Add-on: Worldwide Personal All Risk
(Max. Sum Insured per item: RM10,000, Rate: 1.50%)
+Add-on: Worldwide Family Liability
(Max. Sum Insured: RM200,000, Premium: RM25)
✓ ✓ 


*  Jewellery, household appliances and items such as furniture, pianos, organs, radios, television sets, DVD players, Hi-Fi equipment and similar items are insured as per item loss, not subject to limit per item.

*  Total value of platinum, gold and silver articles, and jewellery payable is limited to one third of the Total Sum Insured.

*  All premiums are subject to 6% Service Tax and stamp duty.

Are you one of these personas?

Not sure on the claims you can make? Here's a few example on the type of protection you can cover with our Home Protector Enhanced (HPE).

The Tech-savvy

•  Gaming Chair = RM1,500
•  Gaming Pc = RM7,000
•  3 Monitor Screens & Monitor Arm = RM3,500
•  Speakers = RM2,000
•  Keyboard = RM1,000
•  Headset & Apple Airpods = RM2,000
•  Phone & Smartwatch = RM5,000
•  Camera & lens = RM5,000
•  Nintendo Switch = RM1,200
•  Playstation 5 Gaming Console = RM2,500

Total To Insure = RM30,700

Gaming room

The Home Owner

•  Built-in cabinet = RM10,000
•  Build-in oven = RM6,000
•  Fridge = RM4,000
•  Cooker hood = RM2,000
•  Washing machine = RM2,000
•  Coffee Machine = RM3,000
•  Cooking utensils = RM1,000
•  Tabletop = RM2,500
•  Dinning Table & Chairs = RM5,000
•  Robot vacuum = RM2,000

Total To Insure = RM37,500

The Home Owner

*Disclaimer: This list is just a reference of items that can be insured and do not include other items in a house that can be insured such as bags, clothes and many more. The final approval of claims is subjected to terms and conditions of Home Protector Enhanced (HPE) packages and policy.


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