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Fire Safety, Simplified

Oil + Fire = Fireball

What happens when you pour water to an oil fire? During the MCO, there was a rise in home cooks, increasing the risk of kitchen fires. The first instincts of when there is a fire is to pour water over it, but from this video, we educate the masses that water + oil fire may not be the best solution. 

Non Toxic

We've had customers who were wary that the powder in our fire extinguishers would be toxic. Hence, instead of letting our customers know that it is safe, we proved it. The powder consists of Monoammonium Phosphate which is the main component of fertilizers, which is safe and non toxic.


Fire extinguishers are everywhere but no where at the same time. Most do not know how to use one, hence we made a simple tutorial video on this.

Tik Tok Famous

The draw of Tik Tok videos is that it is easily digestible. Hence we used this platform to teach others what to do when a car fire happens. This video was made in reaction to a viral Malaysian Tik Tok video where a car was on fire on a highway. We made it a week after the TikTok video went viral.  

4,000 Car Fires

4,000 car fires happen yearly. But most don't think it will happen to them. Here, we make it easy for the public to acquire a fire extinguisher at an affordable price. 

Drop Tested

While we have SIRIM reports on drop tests, that ain't sexy. We dropped our 1kg Fire Extinguisher from a height of 5m to show that it will withstand the force of gravity. And it still works! 

Bursting Gracefully

There was a viral story where a man was killed by an exploding fire extinguisher. While we do not know the specifics of the case, we can assure our customers and the public that our fire extinguishers are tested to burst safely. 

Double the Protection

As we venture into the B2C market segment, we have integrated external logistics companies to handle our deliveries. To ensure our products are delivered safely, we double bubble wrap all our 1kg Fire Extinguisher Orders. This video was made to ensure the products are sent out safely. 

Putting out fire, fast

Yes, we have a tutorial on putting out a fire, but here's a 6 second version of it.

Fire Wire

Electrical fires are one of the main reasons for house fires. Here we demonstrate how that can be a point of worry. 

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Most don't know what happens when the fire extinguisher is being serviced. Here we show what is done when the extinguishers are being serviced. 





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