Installation of
New Systems


Our ISO certified project teams of consultants, engineers, specialists and technicians to properly equip buildings and structures with fire protection systems, ensuring that your building is up and ready for business with all the required Bomba approvals.

We are available for a scheduled service & maintenance of your fire protection system to ensure that your systems are up and running.

We provide fire system installation services in: 

  • Wet Riser and Dry Riser
  • Sprinklers System
  • Co2 Fire suppression
  • Clean Agent Gas
  • Hose reel
  • Smoke detection
  • Heat detection
  • Hydrant System
  • Fire panel troubleshooting
  • Downcomer
  • Fire Pumps
  • Manual Detection/Manual Call Point
  • Fire Intercom


Regulated testing and inspection of your fire protection system helps meet the requirements of BOMBA and identify possible issues before potentially costing higher risk and services. Fire Fighter Industry is ISO certified equipped with project teams of fire specialists and technicians to properly maintain and service your fire protection systems.

  • To upgrade the firefighting system from conventional type to addressable system which is more efficient and easy to be maintained
  • To ensure all firefighting system at building in good condition and functional.
  • To offer every monthly fire system inspection with on call readiness 24 hours/365 days
  • Comprehensive routine fire inspection and testing service to ensure complete safety and legal compliance
  • Test and maintain your equipment and inspect your property so that it’s in line with Malaysian Standards and your current fire risk assessment
  • All inspections and routine tests are recorded in the clients’ fire log book and you’ll be notified on the day if any action is required.
  • To deliver a fast and effective solution to your fire safety needs that is both professional and cost-effectively
  • Monthly Fire System Inspection / Preventive Maintenance
  • Routine Fire Safety Testing
  • Vacant Property Inspections
  • Weekly Fire Alarm Testing