How do I use the fire extinguisher?

Refer to our How To Use page for 4 simple steps to use your fire extinguisher in case of a fire. If the fire is too big, please call emergency services at 999.

Do I need to service my fire extinguisher?

To ensure your fire extinguisher works effectively, a fire extinguisher should be serviced once a year.

Does Fire Fighter offer fire extinguisher servicing?

Yes. We offer fire extinguisher servicing. Call us at +60 3 7962 9999 or simply drop by at our office to schedule an appointment.

Where should I put my fire extinguisher?

You should at least have 1 fire extinguisher per house. DO NOT place them near stoves and heating appliances, and places where fires may start and spread quickly. Otherwise, it will be hard to reach your fire extinguisher when you need it.

What is the difference between ABC Dry Powder and CO² fire extinguishers ?

The ABC Dry Powder (or Dry Chemical) charged fire extinguisher is a multi-purpose fire extinguisher and can be used on Classes A, B & C fires. They can also be used on electrical fires but leave a residue that may be harmful to sensitive electronics. Carbon dioxide extinguishers (CO²) are ideal for places with a lot of electrical equipment such as offices or server rooms because they are safe to use on fires involving electrical apparatus. They can also be used on Class B fires, those involving flammable liquids such paraffin or petrol.

Can the fire extinguisher be used multiple times without the need for servicing?

For the 1, 3 and 9kg ABC powder fire extinguishers, the pressure will continue to drop once it is used, it won't be able to be used after few hours, however the CO² fire extinguishers, it can be reused multiple times until the CO² in the canister has depleted.

Do the fire extinguishers come with mounting brackets and where is the best location to place the fire extinguishers?

Yes, all the fire extinguishers come together with a mounting bracket, we advise our customers to mount the fire extinguishers using dedicated wall brackets or inside wall cabinets with the carrying handle placed 3-1/2 to 5 feet above the ground. Larger fire extinguishers need to be mounted at lower heights with the carrying handle about 3 feet above the ground.