Fire Fighter Dry Powder Refilling Machine
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Fire Fighter Dry Powder Refilling Machine

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Fire Fighter® Dry Powder Refilling Machine V1 is built with efficient and effective functionality

Constant High & Stable Air Flow
Using the combination of a powerful suction turbine and an efficient powder separation filter, the refilling machine has a constant high air flow for efficient refilling of dry powder into fire extinguishers.

Ease of Use & Simple to Operate
A built-in height level adjustment along with a Teflon coated filter bag that is easy to be replaced. No complicated instructions and learning curves.

Efficient Filter & Cleaning Mechanism
The filter at the suction hose traps foreign material and is located at the top of the tank for easy access, minimizing cross contamination and saves time on cleaning internally

Filling Nozzle
The soft rubber cushion that fits most parts of the cylinder neck and pipe extensions helps minimise spillage.