Fire Fighter proudly distributes Shibaura exclusively in Malaysia.
Water Cooled Radiator/2 Cycle Gasoline Engine

The SF756MZ is designed to prevent malfunction due to interfusion of waste water and dust into the engine chamber.

The engine can be operated without discharging water and provides high combustion efficiency at any time.


  1. Fully Water Cooled Radiator
  2. Quick Valve Lever
  3. Oilless Vacuum Pump
  4. Vacuum Pump System


Air Cooled/2 Cycle Gasoline Engine

The TF745M has an auto choke carburetor for easy operation and handling. Turning on the main switch will start the engine immediately, and a full throttle operation can be started without an engine warm-up.

Equipped with Quick Valve Lever which allows for a quicker and easier operation of the valve. Newly developed lubricating oil circulation system emits low exhaust smoke. This model is a newly developed 5-valve system incorporated into one body.


  1. Auto Choke Carburetor System
  2. Water-Stop valve system
  3. Advance fuel feeding system
  4. Oilless Vacuum Pump

Air Cooled/Compact 2 Cycle Gasoline Engine

The TF520MH is a compact fire-fighting pump with the best performance in this class. This air cooled, compact 2 cycle gasoline engine comes in a new compact design and low center of gravity to ensure safe operation at the highest efficiency.


  1. Fuel Feeding System
  2. Direct-Acting Engine Governors
  3. Automatic Choke System for Carburetor
  4. Auto-Decompression
  5. Full-Covered Model
  6. Integrated Control Panel
  7. Oilless Vacuum Pump
  8. Quick Valve
  9. One-Touch Drain Cock

Air Cooled/Compact 2 Cycle Gasoline Engine

The TF516MH comes with an auto choke carburetor for easy operation and handling.

Simply turn on the main switch and the engine will start up immediately, and a full throttle operation will be enabled without engine warm-up.

Equipped with Quick Valve Lever which allows quicker and straight forward operation of the valve.

The stainless pump shaft is mounted separately from engine shaft, so the belt can be easily replaced without any disassembly.

The newly developed lubricating oil circulation system emits low exhaust smoke as the lubricating oil is supplied by maintaining the proper mixing ratio.


  1. Auto Choke Carburetor System
  2. Advance fuel feeding system
  3. Oilless Vacuum Pump
Diesel Powered Security Pump

The SDG650 provides total solutions for industrial fires caused by abnormally high temperatures. The water discharged from water spray systems with fully automatic water pumps powered by the diesel engine cools down the storage tanks to prevent fires and explosions in industrial settings.

All models are equipped with Shibaura (451cc - 1995cc) or Perkins (3990cc) diesel engines which last longer than gasoline engines. This is a full coverage model that is safe and easy to maintain.

    Diesel Powered Security Pump
    1. Fully computer integrated system for easy operation
    2. Highly reliable high power diesel engine
    3. Model is equipped with vacuum pumps
    4. Fully automated battery charger keeps an appropriate electric charge
    5. Choice between auto or manual control
    6. All in on package (engine, tank, pump, vacuum pump and controller)
    7. Safety mechanism that stops engine immediately if malfunction happens.
    Shibaura Direct Valve for relay of water

    In the event any fire-fighting vehicle cannot reach a particular place due to steep and narrow roads, the Shibaura direct valve will give you great advantage in fire fighting operation.

    Relay of water from one fire pump to another in a forest fire is possible without complicated adjustment and compatible with fire hydrant use.


    1. No need for messengers and/or transceiver.
    2. No need for water pool for joint.
    3. Easy attachment without any tools.
    4. No need for water drainage.
    5. Can be used even if water discharge valve is closed.
    6. Capacity of max. delivery volume is 2,000 liter per minute.

    Ozone & UV Disinfector for Emergency Vehicles

    Protection for crew members and patients.

    The vehicle air disinfector is applied with Ozone gas and UV irradiation.

    1. Air intake mode to disinfect the air in the vehicle by using UV lamp and light oxidation catalyst. (EASY DISINFECTION WHILE DRIVING)
    2. Fumigation mode to disinfect vehicle’s every corner with ozone gas. (UNOCCUPIED CAR/TRANSPORTER USE ONLY)

    Our OUD-1 will help you to find a solution to above infection problem in medical transport vehicles to protect crew members and patients against deadly On Their Way-Acquired infection.


      1. Simple operation
      2. Portable, lightweight, compact design
      3. Shock and vibration resistance
      4. Ozone fumigation mode
      5. UV disinfection mode
      6. Safety function
      7. 3 range of user selectable operating fumigation modes
        Mode 1 : 15 minutes
        Mode 2 : 30 minutes
        Mode 3 : 60 minutes

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